1. A rare moment when scotland is a few degrees hotter than england, it won’t last though lol #weather #Scotland #england #Glasgow #Dorset #westmoors #temperature #rareoccurrence #lol

    My partners friend on steam from Australia just bought me a awesome bundle of games for me! nice surprise indeed :D x

  2. Emma Stone And Andrew Garfield At The Premiere Of The Amazing Spiderman 2 - they are such a gorgeous couple x

  3. Baby Polar Bears :) x

    DevilDriver, Bleed From Within & Sylosis At Garage Glasgow.

    Up till recently I didn’t have tumblr, so now is the time to upload them to here :) x

  4. I’m watching The Following

    “Watching Season 2 Episode 13 - The Reaping x”

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  5. I’m watching 2 Broke Girls

    “Watching episode 21- and the wedding cake cake cake - with Lindsay Lohan guest starring x”

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  6. I’m watching Ghost Adventures

    “Watching some random episodes starting with series 2 episode 4 : the Magnolia Plantation In Louisiana x”

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  7. The Grotta Palazzese, an Italian restaurant built into an ocean side grotto.

    When I draw up a bucket list a visit to here is going on it :)

  8. I’m watching The Graham Norton Show

    “Watching S15 E2 with Jamie Foxx, Emma Stone And Andrew Garfield :) x”

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  9. I’m watching Bates Motel

    “Finally getting around to watching the first six episodes of season 2 :) x”

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  10. I’m watching Hannibal

    “Tucking into episode 7 of season 2 : Yakimono x”

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  11. I’m watching The Big Bang Theory

    “Watching episode 20 of season 7 : The Relationship Diremption x”

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  12. I’m watching The Wolf of Wall Street

    “Watching this great movie again due to Mike not seeing it x”

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    Today is a sad day indeed, we have lost a truly inspirational writer, she wrote the Adrian Mole series of books I grew up reading over the years and she’s sadly passed after having a stroke at her home yesterday.

    Sue Townsend you brought a wonderful story into my life and I am forever thankful for that, your memory will live on through those stories x

    You will be sorely missed Sue x