Life Right Now

I thought I would write a little bit of how it is right now in life for me right now. I see so many people put up their thoughts and feelings usually how bad things are and stuff which is fair enough if you need to vent. I intend to do the opposite.

Life right now is going rather good, some things could be and are being improved upon and i’m happy that they are.

Me and Mike recently celebrated 3 years together which is wonderful, we had a romantic day together just chilling watching movies and curled up in bed together. It was nice, we couldn’t afford to go out for dinner so takeaway was bought instead lol.

Recently got two sofas free from someone via facebook, only had to pay someone to uplift them which was great at only £25 all in, we have now gotten rid of that horrible Ikea nonsense that broke in the middle. So happy about that, I was panicking all the way to collect the new ones thinking that something was horribly wrong with them but they were and are great :) x

Still on the hunt for a job, got a interview for a nursing home job in their kitchen on thursday, fingers crossed that it all goes well. I’ve struggled for almost 6 years to find work, knock back after knock back has dented my confidence so much, and even down the fact I’ve got piercings and some tattoos and I’m not exactly slim jim either makes me feel just awful, I can’t be myself in any sort of jobs I’ve applied for, unless I was self employed then yeah I could be. I mean I would love to have my own little photography and or graphic design company going on, but it’s never going to happen, I’ve no money to buy decent equipment or anything it’s so frustrating, it feels like sometimes I’m given a jet pack ready for take off and then at the last minute it malfunctions and I can’t get off the ground! No employer wants a 25 overweight woman working for them at all. So much for this being cheerful lol.

But getting back to the cheerful side, I have my good days and my bad days - hey who doesn’t.

Heading for two weeks on my own due to Mike going down south to have time with his son Adam, going to miss him lots, I will be visiting my aunt on the weekend before he comes back up so that should be fun x

Batman Vs Superman : Dawn Of Justice Comic- Con Teaser :)